From Glasgow, Scotland; I've played guitar since I was 14 years old and come from a rich musical background - all of my family are musical. When I was growing-up in Glasgow's east-end, music was constantly being produced from the Tenor sax of my grandfather and from the trumpet of my uncle. They were gigging musicians and were active whilst 'Big Band' was big; they practiced arrangements, discussed gigs and took bookings over the telephone - my mother made sure there was a telephone in the house - she was gigging, too, as a vocalist; she was a step-ahead because of this; it was the only domestic telephone in the whole of the east-end of Glasgow. The first harmony I sung I was 7 years old; my mother came to me one morning and said, "Ok - I want you to sing this note; 'Laaaah'".. I sang it and my mother picked-out the third above it. I liked the sound, remembered the little trick and stored it away somewhere. Music was omni-present in and around our house and my grandmother's house - Jazz, Swing, Big-Band, Sinatra, Ella, Billy Eckstine, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Jazz Messengers - a constant-flow of musical energy, great instrumentalists, classy singers, arrangements and attitudes - a way-of-life. it seeped into me and lay dormant..

Growing-up in the 1960s was a major pull on all would-be musicians - the influences came thick and fast and the explosion of ideas couldn't help but sway this particular generation towards 'guitar-music'. And so, with not so much as a musical-career in mind, I busily misbehaved, musically, through my early-teens/late teens and readily listened to the 60s pop-music phenomenon. The Beatles, Stones etc. came first, then 60's guitar-hero Rock followed - I was very into Deep Purple and the undoubted talents of Richie Blackmore; other bands would've been Black Sabbath, Ten Years After, Hendrix - just about anything that was 'Rock' was devoured. It was during this time that I was lucky-enough to meet Stuart Gray. Stuart was the first guy I saw flailing an electric guitar around, played through an amplifier - the sound tore a hole in my chest, slapped me around some, announced itself, finally escaping from inside of me. That was the beginning, for me, of the fire that burns inside of every musician - it never leaves you. As Rock began to make-way for other genres I followed my curiosity and discovered more styles and messages, more varied and 'different' approaches to Electric-Guitar music. Jazz/Rock bands began to creep out of the shadows - Focus, Steely Dan, then feeling-the-groove of late 70's Jazz Funk - Earth, Wind & Fire, Geo Benson, Brothers Johnson - all of these intertwined with the fabulous melodies and harmonies of top-class acts like The Eagles, Doobie Bros, Orleans - everything was considered; Abba, The Carpenters, Bowie - all making their statement, having their say. I had plenty of material to educate myself on and, I still have a love of jazz, swing, Be-bop, good 60s, 70s and 80s music and top-class singers.