Welcome to my Kenny Turner Guitar Music and Songwriting site.

Once I'm up-and-running I hope to have some songs and music tracks available for you to browse. You're welcome to leave any comments about the music or images. 
Okay, who is Kenny Turner? I'm a guitarist/composer and a working musician. I gig every weekend and sometimes mid-week, too. The music scene in Glasgow is still pretty vibrant, there's still work available and there's still an audience for live music and live bands, thank goodness. I gig every Fri. night in a friendly Glasgow bar - The Star Bar. And now the big question: What type of music do I playI play mild Rock, mild Pop, mild Country, mild Blues and anything that has a nice melody; sometimes don't play mild, but like to let-rip - nothing wrong with that, is there? play Glasgow's Star Bar because it's the best bar in the city - love it there. The Star Bar is Glasgow's premier music venue.
Guitar Music: I enjoy playing and listening to a wide-variety of guitar music from different genres. My guitar-heroes come from many different styles and reflect my changing tastes over many years.
Songwriting: I've been writing songs and composing music for many years; everything from 3 minute tracks to 10 minute 'epics'. I've been fortunate enough to have been commissioned to write pieces for a variety of clients and I'm happiest when I'm performing and composing.


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